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Whisky, Yield Inversion, Dark Pools, Candlesticks, and Santa Claus Rally (?)

Swing Trading 101

Weekly Strategy Report - 19th of December, 2022

Day Trading, Derivatives, Corn Futures Strategy, And E-Mini Strategy

Weekly Strategy Report - 12th of December, 2022

9 More Free Trading Strategies

Crude Oil Strategy, Twitter Strategies, Day Trading Crypto (And More)

Weekly Strategy Report - 5th Of December, 2022

Improve Your Trading And How To Make Money In A Bear Market

Weekly Strategy Report - 28th of November, 2022

Penny Stocks, Why Avoid Forex, Seasonalities, And More

Weekly Strategy Report - 21st of November, 2022

Bitcoin Crash, SPY ETF Trading, Candlesticks, And Philip Morris

Weekly Strategy Report - 14th Of November, 2022

Twitter, Sell The Rip, India Trading, And CTA Trading Strategies

Weekly Strategy Report - 7th of November 2022

End of Month Effect, Divergencies, And Alexander Elder Strategies

Weekly Strategy Report - 31st of October 2022

Market timing, Scaling In, And The Rubber Band Strategy

Weekly Strategy Report - 24th of October 2022

Python trading, 60/40 portfolio, And Risk-adjusted return (And More)

Weekly Newsletter - 16th of October 2022

Your Weekly Delivery Of Trading Strategies

Weekly Newsletter - 10th of October, 2022

Weekly Newsletter - October 1st, 2022

China And Short Trading, RSI, Parabolic, And Double Down Strategy

QQQ/TLT Ratio - Does It Work?

Quadruple Witching, Tax Day, Crypto, And Rolling Returns

Bull Market Strategy, Death Cross, Double Bottoms (And More)

Rate of Change Indicator, Bear Market Strategy, Sector Strategies, And More

S&P Midcap, Equal-Weight, Short-Selling, Aroon Indicator (And More)

Trading Edges, Sector Strategies, Head And Shoulders, Zig Zag (And More)

Dow Theory, Real Estate, Financials, And Inside Days

When Both Thursdays And Fridays Are Down In SPY

The Ultimate Oscillator, Day Trading, And Risk

Williams Volatility Channel And Commodity Channel Index (CCI) - Backtest And Strategies

Famous Traders And Trading Quotes (All About Motivation)

Post Holiday Effect In Stocks

Should You Trade During A Recession? What Does The Data Say?

How Many Candlestick Patterns Are Profitable?

Holiday Trading And Stock Market Returns

All 75 Candlestick Patterns Quantified And Backtested

Overnight Strategies (Updated)

Presidential Cycles And The NAAIM Exposure Index Indicator

Dogs Of The Dow, Turtle Trading Strategies, and Market Breadth

Candlesticks - Do They Work?

SPY/GLD Rotation System (Gold And S&P 500)

Russell 2000 Rebalancing And The 4th Of July Holiday Effect

Even Vs. Odd Days Trading Strategy (Backtest S&P 500)

Which Time Frame Is Best For Day Trading?

Consumer Confidence And Stock Market Returns (Backtest)

Turnaround Tuesday In A Bear Market

What is the best RSI indicator?

Rotating Between S&P 500 and Treasuries (Meb Faber And Jeremy Siegel Twist)

Nassim Nicholas Taleb - The Barbell Strategy

Tail Risk Hedging, Strategies, And Examples

Ray Dalio's All Weather Portfolio - Strategy, Backtests, And Performance

Quadruple Witching Day - Bearish Or Bullish Day? (Facts And Myths)

Monthly Rotation Between SPY, TLT, And LQD

Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills?

What Time Of The Day Is The Most Volatile In Trading? (Stocks, Gold, Oil, And Swiss Franc)

What Happens To Stocks When Bonds Go Up?

Facts About The Options Expiration Day (Trading the OPEX Day)

What Is The Best Trading Day Of The Month?

Is Selling Puts A Good Trading Strategy? (Backtests And Evidence)

Are Covered Calls A Good Strategy? Theory And Empirical Evidence

Timing The Market With Healthcare Stocks And The S&P 500 (Rotation Trading Strategy)

Are You Interested In Improving Your Investment Skills?

Which Is The Best Indicator For Swing Trading?

Holy Thursday - The Best Day Of The Year For Stocks?

What Are The Worst Trading Days For Stocks?

The CANSLIM Method- Is It Any Good? (Backtest)

What Are The Best Trading Days For Stocks?

What Returns Can We Expect After A Very Bad Friday In S&P 500?

AAII And Market Sentiment Indicators - Are They Profitable?

The Best Days Of The Year To Own Stocks

Is The Tax Day Good Or Bad For Stocks?

Uncorrelated Assets And Strategies - Why Combine Them (Examples And Backtests)

The Overnight Edge - Is It Still Working?

Meb Faber's Momentum/Trend-Following Strategy in Gold, Stocks, And Bonds

The Pros And Cons Of Day Trading

The End Of Month Bias In Stocks

We Improved The NR7 Trading Strategy (Tony Crabel Strategy)

The Friday Jobs Report (Including Trading Code)

Example Of An Overnight Strategy (With Logic In Plain English)

Donchian Channels - Do They Work? (Backtest S&P 500)

Retail Stocks - Different Seasonalities And Strategies

Adding Strategies To Your Portfolio

How Does War Affect The Stock Market?

Easter Holiday Stock Market Returns - Good Friday trading

What Trading Hour Is The Best?

Short Selling Strategies

Can You Make Money Trend Following?

Can Penny Stocks Make You Rich?

How To Make Money By Overnight Trading

The Small Steps of Giant Leaps - Compounding small actions and choices in investing and trading

Junk Bond Trading Strategies

Risk Of Ruin In Trading

Strategy Performance Reports And Metrics

The Death Cross - Does It Work?

Post Holiday Effect On Stocks

Optimal Capital Allocation

High Short Interest - Good Or Bad For Stocks?

Fear Of Loss In Trading - How To Overcome

Backtesting The Trading Days

Why Trade Utility Stocks?

A Pullback Trading Strategy